Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zarzuela: El Estreno de una Artista/Gloria y Peluca

The Teatro de la Zarzuela are presenting another excellent zarzuela production, this time a double programme of El Estreno de una Artista and Gloria y Peluca. If you don't know what a zarzuela is, it's a typcial Spanish operetta. You can find out more about this tradition on an article we made about zarzuela a few months ago (A Guide to Zarzuela). The first part of the performance takes place in Florence in the year 1850. Two young Spanish singers keen to be opera singers in the court of the Grand Duke, have their attempts impeded by Astucio, fearing they will be rivals to his wife Marietta. However Astucio's plan fails when both he and Marietta fall out of favour with the Grand Duke. In the second part, Gloria y Peluca, we see Astucio and Marietta (now known Marcelo and María) working as costume makers for the Grand Duke's opera company. Upon hearing the great success of the two Spanish singers after a performing a Bellini opera, Marcelo decides he wants to perform his own opera in the court, however this time María refuses to return to performing.

The performace runs until 13th March between Weds-Sun at the Teatro de la Zarzuela. (Calle Jovellanos 4, metro: Sevilla L2). Tickets can be bought at the theatre box office or from  http://www.servicaixa.com

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