Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shopping in Madrid: Cortefiel

Our feature on shopping in Madrid continues! The Groupo Cortefiel is perhaps Spain's best loved chain of fashion stores due to their quality products, stylish designs and great prices for men and women. It was established back in 1880, and since then it's been a name you can trust. The group has four different stores; Cortefiel, Springfield, Pedro del Hierro and Women'secret. Cortefiel prides itself on classic and sophisticated design, whilst Springfield is aimed at the young, who want the latest fashions at affordable prices. Pedro del Hierro is synomymous with luxury, and their stores have a boutique layout. Lastly Womens'secret sells solely womens lingerie. You'll find plenty of the Cortefiel Group's stores in Madrid. 

Near the centre (Sol, Gran Vía etc...). These are all open on Sundays:

Puerta del Sol
Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro Menswear Gran Vía , 47


Calle Gran Vía 76
Calle Preciados 13

Calle Arenal, 9
Plaza de Callao, 4
Calle Preciados, 13 

Around the Salamanca neighbourhood you will find (might not open Sundays):


Calle Goya, 29
Calle Serrano, 40
Calle Serrano, 29

Pedro del Hierro
Calle Serrano, 24
Calle Serrano, 63 


Calle Serrano 29
Calle Goya 51
Pedro del Hierro/Cortefiel

Pedro del Hierro

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