Monday, April 4, 2011

The Young Ribera: a new exhibition at the Prado

Starts 5th April at the Prado. José de Ribera, (born 1591 in Valencia) is one of the greats of tenebrism, a movement which uses shadows and contrasts of light in paintings. He spent most of his years in Rome and Naples, where he became inspired by Caravaggio's works and studied naturalism. This exhibition features works from his early days, a period of time where his styles changed as he experimented with different methods. Although a number of his works are already on show at the Prado, the pieces on display come from a variety of art collections from around the world. You can see the exhibition until 31st July.

Admission to the exhibition costs 10€ or 5€ at reduced rate and includes entrance to all temporary exhibitions. A combined ticket for both the temporary and permanent collections costs 12€. To see more info about this exhibition, here's a link to the page on the Prado Museum website. 

We also found this article from the El País section in English about this exhibition. It's worth a read.

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