Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Antonio López at the Thyssen Bornemsiza

Today (Tuesday 28th June) the Thyssen Museum will inaugurate its summer temporary exhibtion which is dedicated to the Spanish artist and sculptor Antonio López (1936-). López's style is often described as realist, yet his earlier works often have a more surreal air to them. Many of his paintings have a striking real-life quality to them, that it is difficult to tell whether it is a photograph or a painting. One such example is the incredible series of paintings he produced during the 1960's of Madrid, which includes a well known one of Gran Vía. López also produced the giant baby head sculptures which can be found at the entrance to Atocha station in Madrid. If you want to catch the exhibtion it will run until 25th September. Admission costs 10€ to the exhibition alone or 13€ when combined with entry to the full collection.

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