Sunday, July 3, 2011

Osborne open a store in Madrid

Osborne, the sherry makers behind the famous black bull logo have just opened a gift store, Toro by Osborne. The shop is located in Calle Preciados- the main shopping area near Sol. You can find everything ranging from keyrings, to watches to motobike helmets and textiles; all bearing the iconic bull emblem. The store may have only been open a few days, but they are already reporting excellent trade and many visitors coming through their doors. The Osborne Group also plans to open similar stores in other towns and cities in the country.

The symbol of a nation

If you've ever travelled Spain, chances are you will have come across the Osborne black bull silhouette at the side of the road (here's a link to a map showing all of the locations). There are over 90 of them around the country since the first one was errected in 1957. It's perhaps one of the world's most famous advertising campaigns and the logo has since become a symbol for Spain appearing often on souvenirs and postcards.

To find out more about the Toro de Osborne range and to buy online, see their website.

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