Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Jozami Collection at the Lazaro Galdiano Museum

Exhibition: BETWEEN TIMES...


Curator: Diana B. Wechsler

OPENING: February 13, 2014

Venue: Lazaro Galdiano Museum
Serrano 122 Madrid

February 13 through May 12, 2014

The Lazaro Galdiano museum on Serrano is one of Madrid´s best kept secrets.

Once the private home of José Lázaro Galdiano (1862-1947) Spanish financier, journalist, publisher and art collector, who at the time of his death owned one of the largest and most significant art collections in Spain. Described in 1940 as "one of the greatest patrons of culture in nineteenth century Spain".

The building itself or palace is one of the few left in the Barrio Salamanca in Madrid, many of which have been torn down to make way for high rises. The corner of Serrano and Maria de Molina is where you can still find these original "palace homes". The Lazaro Galiano museum maintains its structure both inside and out. Across the street, the IE Business school, have kept most of the outside structure, but the insides have been butchered.


The Jozami Collection consists in a vast selection of works of modern and contemporary art by artists from Argentina, other Latin American countries, and other places around the world. Initiated more than 35 years ago by Aníbal Yazbeck Jozami, it has grown in recent years with additional contributions by his wife Marlise Ilhesca. It is a collection that has taken shape through desire and passion and it is consolidated with every new acquisition as a markedly international aggregate of global aspirations coexisting with local tensions. Centering on diversity, it represents the perspectives of a contemporary humanism.

Between Times... is an exhibition produced of a selection of works of the Jozami Collection that comprises two main sections: Presences of the Jozami Collection at the MLG and Figuration and its Limits.

In Presences... each piece correlates-by adhesion or dissent-to the conditions of production and interpretation of its time. However, it is also interpreted from the present and with the interpretive conditions that this entails. With these considerations in mind, the pieces of the Jozami Collection, chosen for their pertinence to each one of the narrative themes in the halls of the Lazaro Galdiano Collection, are presented with an aim to activate the senses and convert the show into a thought-provoking space.

Intervention, convergence, analogy, quotation and parody are among the situations sought/provoked/evoked from this international contemporary art show featuring the Jozami Collection. It is an invitation to revisit the Lazaro Galdiano Museum with attention to the signals, interferences, and short, the presence of the pieces of the collection of this South American couple within the historical-artistic narrative of the showrooms in this Spanish museum.

Figuration and its Limits, the other section of Between Times... arises from the assumption that the arts offer other means of accessing the real and that we can progress with regard to some of the forms that these realities take on. This selection of works of the Jozami Collection offers an overview of the modern and contemporary figurations in the works from a series of artists from the Southern Cone, brought together through different micro-stories: that of the critical figurations (Lacámera, Vigo, Berni, Muniz, Schvarz, Espina, Sacco) and their metaphysical and surreal drifts (Batlle Planas, Forner, Xul Solar, Ducmelic, Aizenberg), that of the representations of space and landscape as marks of belonging (Sívori, Malharro, Figari, Quinquela Martín, Noé, Kuitca, Liliana Porter) and that of modern-style figurations on the frontiers of abstraction (Torres García, Gurvich, Pailós, Seoane, Hlito).

In Spanish, but will help you see the exhibition

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