Sunday, April 21, 2013

“MADE IN SPAIN" Spanish Contemporary Realism

“MADE IN SPAIN" Spanish Contemporary Realism at the Galería Santiago Echeberria in Madrid.

Owned and run by Santiago Echeberria, the gallery of the same name Castelló Street in the Salamanca district of Madrid is showing an exciting collection of Spanish contemporary realism.

Santiago Echeberria at the entrance of his gallery

"Made in Spain" is showing the Spanish painters Amalia Avia, Maria Moreno, Javier Banegas, Pedro Campos, Jose Luis Corella, Golucho, Alejandro Marco, Edgar Mendoza, Eloy Morales, Miguel Angel Moya, Guillermo Oyaguez, Alejandro Quincoces, Francisco Roa, Pedro del Toro are the artists included in the exhibition.

Angel Moya "Estación de Francia"

Maria Moreno "Casas"

Javier Banegas "Tres Tonos"

Spanish painters have always shown special ability to bring realism and vitality to the actual life around them. Superior draughtsmanship, a mastery of realist technique and an innate culture of centuries of imagery on canvas make this exhibition an excellent opportunity to enjoy a small yet excellent collection of what is actually developing in Spain in the realm of contemporary realism.

Jose Luis Corella "Lady in Plastic"
José Luis Corella "Waverley Restaurant"

Pedro del Toro "Caballero de Gracia"

Francisco Roa "Lago en La Granja"

Golucho "Alicia"

Golucho "Vaso con flor de Membrillo"


Galería Santiago Echeberria

Castelló 120
28006 Madrid. España

Tel: 91 564 48 06
Fax: 91 564 47 26
Open from 11 to 2 p.m and from 5 to 9 p.m.
Closed on Saturday afternoon and in August

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